Crystal Healing

Those Who Don't Believe In Magic Will Never Find It -Roald Dahl

Healing Crystals have been used for Thousands of Years by humans for Healing Properties which guide the Mind, Body, and Soul. Crystals can be a tool to help with ones Health, Wealth, Balance and set any Intention that one Desires. Whether these Precious Stones are called to one Spiritually or bring Peace to your personal space by being worn or placed in the home. Let the Magic of these Ancient beauties Create your Magic. 

Creator Elle Zen has always had a divine relationship with the Spiritual Realm and Fell in Love with the Creations of Mother Earth at a very young age. As a child, it was the colors and vibrations but as an adult, has grown to love the Properties of Healing Crystals and Benefits of each Gem. 

Each Chosen Piece is One of a Kind, Powerful & Created Just for You. All Jewelry is Handmade with Love & Made with Magic.

Let your Intuition Guide you to Your New Piece of Magic.